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“Stranger2Changer” is a movement that showcases and highlights individuals around the country who are active “Changers” in their communities and to encourage others to become “Changers”.  


The “Stranger2Changer” movement is a multi-level approach using social media, live interaction and engagements, participation through social media and through volunteer opportunities and mentor programs. The mission is to address numerous social crises, social and economic disparities, risks of exploitation, abuse, assault, and trafficking.


We are not “Strangers” in our communities.  We all have the opportunity and responsibility to be “Changers”.

Tell the world “Who You Are” – for many, you are not a “Stranger”.  You are the local celebrity or hometown hero.  Some of you are heroes behind the scenes who make change happen.  You may be the athlete or entertainer on the world stage and you may be the person who simply means the world to someone close to you.


Tell the world “How You are a Changer” – what are you doing that benefits your community?  Are you a volunteer and where?  Do you mentor our youth or are you the safe person that they community comes to for advice and counsel?  What are you doing to “Change” the world for the benefit of humanity?  It can be as simple as participating in community projects to as complex as facilitating a movement.  You may be a teacher or a preacher who gives lessons for life or the someone who makes life more livable for others.  You may be the student who leads their peers or the volunteer who gives of themselves without any cheers.


Become a “Changer” – it is easier than you think.  Words without action fall silent.  Stand firm in your commitment to becoming a “Changer”.  Evolution will happen slowly over time regardless of what you do but a REVOLUTION will only happen when YOU do your part.  If you are happy with the world as is, do nothing.  If you want to “Change the world” then become a part of the REVOLUTION.  

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